Roof restoration & Repair

The roof of a home or commercial building is continually at the mercy of the elements and as such, needs to be in perfect condition. If not, there is the potential for a myriad of issues to occur. It’s in your best interest to enlist the services of the best restoration company in Perth.

We offer a range of services to ensure that you never have to deal with serious damage.

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Roof repair and restoration

The roof is one of the largest parts of your home and without the correct maintenance, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Looking after your roof, will extend its lifespan. Also, remember that your roof also forms part of your home’s appeal. This is a key selling point to draw potential buyers – roof restoration in Perth is one of our specialties.

Whatever the state of your roof may be, we’re able to fix anything from minor roof repairs to large-scale roof restoration.


Roof leak

The leaking of water from your roof can cause damp, mould, weakening of rafters, ceiling joists and don’t forget about the possibility of electrical problems. For your safety, it’s important that this is taken care of as soon as possible. Our unrelenting commitment to excellence, ensures that we are the top leaking roof repairs company in Perth.

Roof painting

Over the years, your roof will begin to show signs of ageing. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that it will be restored to its original glory.

Tile repointing

The constant wear-and-tear on your roof and the changes of temperature which cause expansion and contraction of your tiles means that your pointing can become cracked, brittle and damaged. This leaves your roof susceptible to the absorption of moisture. We’ll assess the damage, re-bed and repoint your roof with an acrylic compound that allows expansion and contraction due to the elements, reducing the potential of cracking.  To ensure your roof is operating at its optimum, we can repair the repointing of your roof tiles.
If you live in Perth, then Smitty’s is the nearest roof repair company to you!

Roof repairs and restoration are our specialty. You can trust us to provide the highest standard of workmanship. For a quotation, please fill in the contact form with your details, so that we can tailor a solution to suit you. You can also call us on 1800 SMITTYS or 0413 243 006.

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