Whether you’re a buyer, seller, strata company or real estate agent in Perth, it’s vital to understand the importance of a clean, functional gutter and water draining system


The guttering of a home is a fundamental part of a functioning drainage system. If you’re planning to have your home valued by a Real Estate agent, make sure all of the gutters are in good condition.


We pride ourselves on being the premier gutter installation company in Perth. We’ll ensure that you never have to deal with high levels of damp and corrosion.


The roof of a home or commercial building is continually at the mercy of the elements and as such, needs to be in perfect condition. 


The roof of a property is your first line of defense against destructive weather conditions. Eventually, if not maintained properly, a roof replacement service will be required.


When valuating your residential home, real estate agents will always check that the property has downpipes in excellent condition.

The all-encompassing range of gutter repair services provided by Smitty’s Gutters is geared towards improving Western Australian homes from the outside in.

At Smitty’s Gutters, based in Perth, we are driven and focused on repairing and offering our highest quality and most cost-effective gutter, roof and downpipe repairs and installation. Our services are conveniently delivered and managed through our hotline, and emergency assistance available seven days a week.

All technicians at Smitty’s Gutters are qualified and focused on delivering the highest quality to our customers. Our team is standing by to consult on how we can assist you. Call us now on 1800 SMITTYS (1800 764 887).