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The roof of a home or commercial building is continually at the mercy of the elements and as such, needs to be in perfect condition.


The roof of a property is your first line of defense against destructive weather conditions. Eventually, if not maintained properly, a roof replacement service will be required.


When valuating your residential home, real estate agents will always check that the property has downpipes in excellent condition.


Whether you’re a buyer, seller, strata company or real estate agent in Perth, it’s vital to understand the importance of a clean, functional gutter and water draining system


The guttering of a home is a fundamental part of a functioning drainage system. If you’re planning to have your home valued by a Real Estate agent, make sure all of the gutters are in good condition.


We pride ourselves on being the premier gutter installation company in Perth. We’ll ensure that you never have to deal with high levels of damp and corrosion.


Your home is your sanctuary; a place where you can leave daily stresses behind and Spend valuable time with friends and family. To fully enjoy your time, you need to ensure that your home is well maintained – it’s an asset after all. A leak in the roof, high levels of damp, a broken gutter or downpipe can devalue your home and cause you unnecessary pressure, personally and financially.

Smitty’s Gutters, located in Perth, can safeguard your home’s financial and emotional – value through our high-quality roof and gutter repair solutions.

Western Australia enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which means that there is seasonal rainfall. Therefore, your home needs a functional water drainage system made up of exceptional quality gutter and downpipes.

Our company specialises in the replacement of guttering and downpipes. We offer superior stainless steel, aluminum or solid-state gutter guards that will protect the guttering to ensure optimal water drainage.

We believe that you deserve the best possible peace of mind. That’s why we deliver the highest-quality gutter installationand downpipe repairsin Perth.

Smitty’s prides itself on providing the best gutter and downpipe repairs in Perthand we’re so confident about our services that you get a 10-year warranty on our workmanship.



We are the premier gutter replacement and repair company in Perth.  We offer you a choice between Colorbond steel or Colourtuff aluminum gutters.  Furthermore, we also provide box gutter repairs, replacement and installations.


We offer new roofing and re-roofing installations, roof painting, tile repointing, leak detection and high-pressure cleaning. We want you to have the confidence that you always have a safe roof over your head.


We provide downpipe repair or replacement and installations as well as leaking and overflowing downpiperepair . It’s essential that you have fully functional downpipes to prevent overflow from occurring.

Storm repair

We also offer professional repairs to gutters, downpipes and roofing damaged by storms.

Providing practical solutions, our certified team offers full-service and quality workmanship. Using the finest materials and our extensive experience, we get the job done right everytime.

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